Our Intent

It is our intent to teach children to become passionate and purposeful writers. Through The Write Stuff apoprach, they will be taught to write creatively across a range of genres and subjects where texts are woven through the curriculum. This can be seen through our Writing Spine. They will learn how to use writing lenses to write through and help shape their ideas in an effective way. 
Through a balance of transcription teaching, the children will learn the skills of writing with handwriting fluency, accuracy and precision. They will be able to embed these handwriting skills over time in writing across the curriculum. Spelling lessons will give them the skills needed to use vocabulary ambitiously and confidently and apply our whole school spelling strategy. 
The Writing Approach
We use ‘The Write Stuff’ as an approach for writing. This is a combination of experience lessons (to build vocabulary and first-hand experiences) and Sentence Stacking lessons (where vocabulary is used and sentences are crafted through the use of the Writing Rainbow).
The punctuation and grammar curriculum is embedded within the teaching of writing through the arc of the GRAMMARISTICs in the Writing Rainbow. Children learn about an aspect, see it in demonstration writing and then are given the opportunity to apply it to their own writing. 
We teach as we mean to progress – starting with the Read Write Inc phonics-based approach and continuing through the Read Write Inc spellings programme. We have a school-wide spelling strategy that is taught and applied in writing and editing.


As a school, we follow a continuous cursive handwriting progression of skills once the children are able to form letters correctly. Children are taught handwriting each week and given opportunities for practice. Handwriting standards are expected across the curriculum. From Reception class, children are taught correct letter formation in line with the Read Write Inc patter which supports letter formation. 

Punctuation and Grammar
Teachers use half-termly PAGES (Punctuation and Grammar Essential Skills) to ensure year group objectives are covered and learnt. Grammar and punctuation are also taught through writing, where it is the focus of the success criteria as lenses from the Writing Rainbow.