At Mullion Community Primary School, we aim to develop each child's musical potential giving opportunities for self-expression and creativity. We hope to nurture a lifelong love of learning and being curious within the music curriculum by exposing children to diverse musical experiences. Children will listen and respond to different musical styles, find their voices as performers and will be given creative composition opportunities. All of these will enable children to become confident musicians. The music curriculum highlights the importance of being a good citizen by celebrating differences through exploring culture, historical periods and genres as well as practicing the importance of respect when taking part or listening to performances. The music curriculum supports learning behaviors for success with high expectations for all children to engage and actively participate in lessons. All children are given the opportunity to learn an instrument with a set of lesson delivered by an expert during their time at Mullion Primary and instrumental tuition is available for pupils who wish to take this opportunity on. We also value the importance of developing a love of reading and support children to read music, lyrics of songs and books that feature musical artists throughout history.