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Raising Awareness of Online Safety at Mullion Primary School
As a school, we embed online safety into teaching across the curriculum. We also aim to promote awareness of online behaviour through educational visits, parental engagement and promotional material. This year we have;
  • Taken Year 5 and 6 to a Bletchley Park outreach project afternoon at Helston Community College
  • Hosted an UK Safer Internet Day awareness on February 7th
  • Immersed online safety within Anti-Bullying Week in November 2016
  • Trained 8 members of teaching staff with 'Thinkuknow' training and a following 8 teaching assistants will be trained by the end of the summer term)
  • Distributed the Vodofone Digital Parenting Magazine (Issue 4) by bag mail and email
  • Distributed the Vodofone Digital Parenting Magazine (Issue 5) by email
  • Updated our Facebook and Twitter accounts with CEOP links to raise parental awareness for online safety issues facing young people
  • Delivered online safety messages within PSHE through Sex and Relationships Education sessions
Recommendation for parents/carers
Take a look at Kidsmart‘s website for some simple, easy to follow Top Tips:
• iPhone
• iPad
• iPod Touch
• Nintendo
• Blackberry
• PlayStation
• Xbox
Useful Website Links: - Provides trustworthy & reliable age appropriate media reviews - videos, games & films. - HM Government. Advice on how to protect yourself, your family and your business. - UK delivers safe results from, powered by Google - Find out how to set up privacy settings for children accessing games via Xbox LIVE. - What children are doing online, issues that might be affecting children, how to take action. - Support and guidance for teachers, parents, carers and children. - Cyberbullying and social networking advice. - Online e-Safety learning for the whole family. - Hot topics and how to get to grips with digital issues. - Online magazine with helpful advice for parents and carers.