Year 5 and 6 - Cheddar Residential

1st July 2019
Monday 1st July
1645: We’ve arrived!
It was a superb visit to Morwellham Quay. There will be some photos uploaded shortly. The children explored Victorian clothing, mining for copper and a Victorian classroom. Staff have decided to consider some of the Victorian punishments for back at school! 
1930: After a tasty dinner, we are now in the local park in Cheddar enjoying some much needed fresh air. 
2045: Karaoke time! This evening we have had around a dozen performances from some song-loving Year 5 and 6’s. No complaints from the neighbours (as far as we know!). 
Tuesday 2nd July
0536: All is quiet in the hostel. Outside, all that can be heard in the morning chorus of birds. Today, we head to Bath for a tour of the Roman baths and a workshop at the Victoria Art Gallery! 
1814: We have now returned from Bath and are preparing for dinner. Bath was hugely successful today - the children explored the historical remains left by the Romans. They were guided around the baths by the audio guides and loved listening to the information told by Michael Rosen. They also explored the Victoria Art Gallery - thinking about why portraits were painted in certain ways through history. It has been a really excellent day and we are now about to enjoy our evening meal. 
2111: After another delicious dinner, we went outside for our 'Best Quiz EVER' quiz night. This was a 5-section quiz and included; sports, countries, the Romans, music and teachers! The winning team celebrated with WINNER MEDALS!!!! Well done Max, Connor, Caleb and James! We are now showering and watching the women's world cup final. Off to bed soon...
Wednesday 3rd July
0813: The children slept well last night although there are a few who are risking being left in the prison today for some noisy antics in their rooms. We’ve assured them that we have their parents permission!!! We are getting ready for our day with some day-bag packing and room inspections. Then, we will head to HMP Shepton Mallet and then the East Somerset Railway for a journey back in time on the steam train. This is a little change in the original plan due to very late cinema timings. Tonight we will be hosting an awards ceremony with the children in their fancy clothing! 
2020: Wow- what a day! HMP Shepton Mallet was incredible and hugely captivating (no pun intended). We were given a tour by a former HMP officer who took hundred of questions from the children throughout. The lasting feeling was that prison isn't very glamorous or pleasant. Not only are the cells not as plush as home bedrooms, but there didn't seem to be any Playstations or televisions. Shocker! 
The railway was simply excellent. We experienced a ride up and down the track on a steam train, explored the signal box, engine shed and rode on the miniature railway. 
at around 5.40pm, we arrived back at the hostel where we were thankful for our evening meal. This was followed by an awards ceremony where Mr Ratcliffe led the presentations. 
2030: The children are having some cake and playing board games in the garden before bed.