Mathematics is an essential life skill and it is the responsibility of all staff to develop children’s numeracy. We aim to develop positive attitudes to maths by making the subject interesting and fun. By promoting an awareness of mathematics in everyday life we enable pupils to be proficient and confident in solving mathematical problems. By involving mathematics across the curriculum, pupils are given opportunities to reinforce, use and apply their subject skills and knowledge. Through maths we can teach flexibility, initiative, accuracy and systematic logical thinking.

During the Early Years Foundation Stage, maths forms part of many interactive learning experiences. Pupils enjoy developing their knowledge and understanding of mathematics through play, exploration and discussion.

The main strands in mathematics are identified: number, geometry, measure, statistics (and in year 6 ratio and proportion and algebra).  Marking of work provides the children with feedback and targets for future development. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning by engaging in self and peer assessment.

The school aims to involve the parents, by holding open maths sessions where teaching methods and strategies can be explained. Children are given mathematical home learning throughout the school to support class learning.

Our maths coordinator, Mrs Fishwick, is training as a maths mastery specialist  working with the Cornwall and Devon Maths Hub. This is guiding all staff in our introduction and development of a maths mastery curriculum. This is  built around the five areas of maths mastery - Variation, Fluency, Mathematical thinking, Representation and structure and Coherence