Pebbles - Mrs Higgins' Class

Mrs Higgins Class


Teacher: Mrs Higgins  

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ciballi and Mrs Mitchell


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Some useful resources:

Year 1: Detail of content to be introduced (statutory requirement)







Regular plural noun suffixess or –es [for example, dog dogs; wish, wishes], including the effects of these suffixes on the meaning of the noun

Suffixes that can be added to verbs where no change is needed in the spelling of root words (e.g. helping, helped, helper)

How the prefix un– changes the meaning of verbs and adjectives

[negation, for example, unkind, or undoing: untie the boat]






How words can combine to make sentences

Joining words and joining clauses using and






Sequencing sentences to form short narratives






Separation of words with spaces

Introduction to capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks to demarcate sentences

Capital letters for names and for the personal pronoun I



Terminology for pupils



letter, capital letter word, singular, plural sentence

punctuation, full stop, question mark, exclamation mark

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