The Mullion Primary School history curriculum develops children’s curiosity and passion for learning about the past. We stimulate children’s interest in the lives of people that lived in the past in Britain and the wider world, and realise how these have influenced our lives today. We teach children a sense of chronology to help them to put the past in context and create a chronological framework. The history curriculum design promotes a love for learning and being curious by teaching them to identify connections, contrasts and trends over time and understand their relevance. We see learning about history as an opportunity to develop skills of enquiry and questioning, to become open minded ‘historical detectives’ and explore the past in an exciting way. Children are taught that through the acquisition of learning behaviours for success they will develop the skills of a ‘historian’ to find evidence and understand historical concepts and processes and as a result understand why the past can be interpreted in different ways. Through history children learn to make comparisons and links between the past and modern times and discover how and why things have changed. They learn about people that influenced and created significant change – many examples of which are underpinned by high quality texts across the curriculum and developing every child as a reader. These historical role models teach children the importance of being good citizens by celebrating differences and valuing individuality. They will use thoughtful questioning to unravel evidence and challenge preconceptions. Pupils from Mullion Primary School will leave with the skills to understand the complexity of people’s lives both nationally and globally and identify themes and patterns through history which are relevant and have an impact on their lives today

Year 1 and 2
 Year 3
Year 4,5 and 6