Art and design

Art and Design contributes to the development of the whole child emotionally, aesthetically, physically, socially and cognitively. Art and Design promotes a love for learning and being curious by providing all children with the opportunity to express themselves imaginatively, creatively and developing their understanding of, and respond to the world around them. Pupils are exposed to many visual, tactile and sensory experiences. The subject develops in children learning behaviours for success by promoting Mullion School’s core values of Curiosity, Respect, Determination, Resilience and Creativity. Mullion Primary School enables pupils to become involved in, enjoy and appreciate the visual arts and how it can enrich their personal lives. They learn the part that Art and Design plays in their own and others’ lives, in contemporary life and in different times and cultures. All this helps to teach the children the importance of being good citizens by understanding differences of opinion, and valuing individuality. Where possible, links are made with other areas of the curriculum to provide a context for, and to enrich, the children’s learning. Children are encouraged to use non-fiction texts to research the lives and work of great artists, craft makers and designers thus helping to develop every child as a reader.