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Monday 30th March
Well done on winning the Times Table Rock Stars battle against Surfers. 5365 to their 2261!!! Keep up the good work because they seem to be winning the next battle...
As it is the Easter holidays, it is important that you have a break. You may continue with learning if you wish and their are plenty of ideas to keep you moving forwards. Otherwise, I will be back in touch with some more ideas in the next few weeks. 
Remember, you can email me on aread@mullion-ji.cornwall.sch.uk if needed. 
Mrs Read x
Hello Waves,
Gosh, what a few weeks it has been. I am sorry that I haven't seen you for a little while and so much has happened. The teachers at school have told me how sensible you have been about what is gong on and that they are very proud of you, as am I. 
I can see that you have got lots of home-learning to be getting on with over the period of school closure and am sure that you will do what you can. Please don't hesitate to email me if you need anything at all or want to share anything that you have achieved. My school email address is aread@mullion-ji.cornwall.sch.uk
Ask grown ups to keep an eye of the school's Facebook page as anything I find (like live lessons or things to keep you going at home) I will add to our school page. The Joe Wicks morning PE sessions are particularly good! 
One last thing... make sure you help out with your grown ups at home. This will be a strange time for everyone so enjoy the time you have got together and try to get along! I am sure that many people will look back at this time and learn about it in history lessons in many years to come.
Send me an email if you need to! 
Take care and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!
Mrs Read xx
Maths home learning update
White Rose Maths have added daily lessons and tasks to continue maths learning at home. These can be accessed below; they are very similar to what we do in class so would be really handy to use to enable your child to continue to develop their maths knowledge.
Year 4
Year 5
Visit Pobble365 online for daily ideas for writing. Each day there is a new image and some simple activities.
Year 4 and Year 5 Spellings
Year 4 Classroom Secrets Resources 
Year 4 Key Instant Recall Facts 
Year 4 Maths Knowledge Organisers 
Year 5 Classroom Secrets Resources 
Year 5 Key Instant Recall Facts 
Year 5 Maths Knowledge Organisers 

Teacher - Mrs Read

Teaching Assistant – Miss Harding


Welcome to Waves

Here you will find information about our learning and events. 

For information about the curriculum in our Year 4 and 5 class - please see the topic web below.



Reading - daily and for an increasingly longer duration. This must be active reading (thinking, talking, questioning, relating to other reading experiences) and books must be from our Accelerated Reader books. 

Home-Learning - this will be set each Friday and is due each Wednesday. The children must take responsibility for completing this and bringing it to school by the deadline. 


Mrs Read


Spring Term 
Support for parents about Read Write Inc
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Year 5: Detail of content to be introduced (statutory requirement)






Converting nouns or adjectives into verbs using suffixes [for example, –ate; –ise; –ify]

Verb prefixes [for example, dis–, de–, mis–, over– and re–]




Relative clauses beginning with who, which, where, when, whose, that, or an omitted relative pronoun

Indicating degrees of possibility using adverbs [for example, perhaps, surely] or modal verbs [for example, might, should, will, must]




Devices to build cohesion within a paragraph [for example, then, after that, this, firstly]

Linking ideas across paragraphs using adverbials of time [for example, later], place [for example, nearby] and number [for example, secondly] or tense choices [for example, he had seen her before]




Brackets, dashes or commas to indicate parenthesis

Use of commas to clarify meaning or avoid ambiguity


Terminology for pupils


modal verb, relative pronoun relative clause

parenthesis, bracket, dash cohesion, ambiguity

Have you got some new home books? Check out if it’s in your AR range and if there’s a quiz for it. 
Accelerated Reader Bookfinder