Online Safety during COVID-19

Dear Families, 

In these times, we know that children are more reliant upon the use of technology and the internet. We want the children to be able to use devices for their education, to stay in touch with friends and family and for fun! We do however know that there are people out there who will exploit this and target children. It is as important as ever to ensure that the platforms your children use are safe and secure. 


As part of our online safety support, we have updated the school website with 'how to' guides and resources that will help to to keep your children safe online. These platforms are the most common at this time, but do bear in mind that new apps and platforms are made all the time. We aim to keep our website up to date with any changes so please keep an eye out. 


A few top tips for keeping young people safe online are:

  • Check the device and platform's privacy settings regularly;
  • Use devices in a shared room (not in bedrooms);
  • Discuss dangers or safety concerns little and often; 
  • Use the age limits of apps and media accounts- they are there for your child's protection.

If you have any concerns about the safety of your child online, please visit the CEOP website below or get in touch with us at school. 



How to guides and helpful resources can be found in this area of our school website: