Lizard Beacon Project

1st June 2019
Lizard Beacons Project
Throughout June, our key stage two pupils will be exploring an artistic project with Mayes Creation. This project centres around interactive sound and visuals collaborations, using collected images, sound and data obtained through sensors, broadcast and wireless technologies. The children will be exploring this in a range of ways.
Footprints class have visited the Lizard lighthouse and have hosted Keith back at school where he ran a poetry workshop. The children used their experiences of the lighthouse to generate vocabulary for their creative writing. They considered writing from different perspectives such as; a seagull flying overhead, a fishermen at sea, the lighthouse keeper.  
Waves class hosted Justin Wiggan who has explored the sound of plants. He hooked the children up to a sound system, passed the sound through them and into a massage pack - all powered by plants! The children have had an invite to use their learning around podcasts be a part of Justin's radio show. Robin Rimbaud also visited us and shared some sound bites to develop listening skills, develop children's creative listening and encourage curiosity. 
On Tuesday June 25th, Surfers class will be visiting the Marconi Centre to take part in a workshop with Justin Wiggan around sound and semaphores. They will then continue this back at school on Thursday 27th June with Justin.