Kestle Barton Literacy Festival

22nd May 2019

Following our visit to Kestle Barton, the children and staff have reflected on their time spent with the authors. What they have taken from the day is that there are so many ways to approach being a writer. Each author had a different style of presenting their work and a different perspective on the world around us. For teaching staff, before the event day, it provides a platform for an author study which is embedded in the teaching of reading. The day itself provides a valuable introduction into the children’s next piece of focussed writing. It works perfectly alongside our ‘Writers Workshop’ approach to teaching a real purpose for writing.



The session with Ross Montgomery was energetic and really took them towards using the world around them to inspire ideas. It has motivated them to not view the world only from their own perspective. The illustration activity demonstrated clear links between prewriting methods and how writers use a range of approaches.  The children found Lissa Evans session fun because there was lots of vocal participation – this appealed to their dramatic side! The class who enjoyed this most were the ones who had read the book and knew what the Wimbley Woos were. For staff, it modelled another way of engaging pupils in shared reading. Finally, the session with Robert Crowler appealed to cross-curricular links with problem-solving, DT and Art. It also showcased how to be creative with non-fiction. These ideas will be built on during the summer term through links with Science and English.