English statement

English is at the essence of learning at Mullion Primary School, running throughout the whole curriculum. By using English throughout all learning it gives purpose and allows children opportunities to apply skills. We aim to nurture and develop the love of English by exploring it in a variety of ways. Through the teaching of English we can give children the tools to succeed beyond school settings.

As one of the prime areas in Early Years Stage, communication and language plays an integral part of developing confident speaking and listening skills – the foundation for any learning. From the EYFS curriculum and leading into the national curriculum children will be taught in a variety of ways to facilitate all types of learning styles. They will be taught:

  • Phonics – a systematic approach to decode, segment and blend when learning to read and write.
  • Spelling – building on phonics learning to understand and apply spelling patterns and rules in a fun and engaging way.
  • Punctuation and Grammar – learning the mechanics of writing and using these tools for effect.
  • Writing – the opportunity to experiment with composition across the curriculum for purposeful writing.
  • Handwriting – taught alongside phonics and spelling to develop a joined up style.
  • Reading – children will be taught how to read as well as applying comprehensive skills through individual reading and guided reading sessions.

We endeavour to work alongside parents to encourage home school links. In terms of the English curriculum this is facilitated through home school diaries to record reading at home and school. In EYFS and KS1 through newsletters children can share their phonics they are learning that week in class. Within KS2 children are given spellings to learn at home that applies the rule they have been investigating. Children are also given the opportunity to complete an English based task in their home learning.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

The document below shows definitions and examples of grammar, punctuation and spelling terms that the children will be learning. By each definition the year group which it is taught is written, however the children will come across some of these terms before then and have an understanding of its meaning.


In light of recent monitoring and our Ofsted Inspection we have decided to change the style in which we write at Mullion Community Primary School. From Pebbles class and throughout school children will be taught a joined cursive style. All letters will join, which in turn helps spelling patterns and presentation.

The children will initially have handwriting sessions daily; this will then reduce to 3 times a week, once the new style has been established. All children from Year 2 upwards will be using Berol handwriting pens during these handwriting sessions.This allows the children the opportunity to work towards their pen license.

It is important that the children have the correct pen grip and are sitting with their feet flat on the floor. Please look at this website for further guidance - http://www.teachhandwriting.co.uk/

Please look at the handwriting example on how to form the letters.