Mr Rob Chirgwin

Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Bethan Hayhurst

Assistant Headteacher, Year 3 Teacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, EVC Lead, Art Lead

Mrs Joanne Moseley

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Leader

Mrs Davina Morgans

School Secretary

Mrs Alexi Read

Year 2 Teacher- English and PSHE Lead

Mrs Becky Higgins

EYFS/ Year 1 Teacher - History Lead

Mrs Faye Rigby

Year 3 Teacher - Music Lead

Miss Rachel Thomas

Year 4/5 Teacher - Science and RE Lead

Mrs Lauren Mckellar-Savage

Year 6 Teacher , Maths Lead and PSHE Lead

Miss Rachael Francey

Specialist SEN Support Assistant

Mrs Melissa Nicholas

Specialist SEN Support Assistant

Miss Nikki Gearing

Year 2 Teaching assistant

Mrs Penelope Gardner

EYFS/Yr 1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Jessica Rosevear

Year 3 Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Mrs Joanne Morris Brown

Year 3 Teaching assistant

Mrs Kimberley Rosevear

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rosie Reid

Year 4 Teaching assistant

Miss Mikki Harding

Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Julia Thorpe

Specialist SEN Support Assistant

Mrs Sarah Russell

Year 6 Teaching Assistant