Love of reading

An outline of how we are developing a love of reading...
At Mullion Primary School, we promote a love of reading not only through a well-planned and considered curriculum but also by enriching experiences for our pupils. Read on to find out a little more!
Kestle Barton Literacy Festival
For the last 5 years, we have been involved in the festival and take our key stage two children to meet both new and established authors and illustrators. Many of these books now take pride of place on the recommended reads in teachers' reading trollies and have become a part of our reading for pleasure journey!
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Borrow Boxes
After the success of one box in 2020, we have launched a Borrow Box in each class. We can't show you what's inside as it might change and there could be surprises inside! Each box has been thoughtfully crafted by the class teachers and has a selection of exciting things. There is an opportunity to review things in the box if you'd like to as well. 
World Book Day
Each year we have promoted our passion for reading through World Book Day. From dressing as our favourite characters and authors to designing book cover t-shirts and character top hats. We have been gifted books from our favourite local book shop in St Ives (Stories by the Sea) and taken part in many virtual author visits. 
Book Recommendations
We also know that many of our children like to read collections of books. So, here are some ideas to get you to explore different authors in the same genre. These are from a website called Books for Topics and there are many more to explore there if you would like to!  
Plus... don't forget to check out the Reading Newsletters designed to help parents in guiding books choices too! Mullion's Reading Newsletters
Teacher's Recommended Reads Trollies
In each classroom, you will find a reading trolley filled with books. These are the teachers choice and are filled by their own reading choices as well as our Reading Rocks book subscription. This keeps us up to date with a diverse range of authors and genres and means we have lots of exciting reading on offer.